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Energy Saving Cool Roof by Owens Corning™

Looking to lower your energy bill? Everybody knows Owens Corning™ for their "Pink insulation"!

Insulating your home from the heat in your attic is always a good idea. You should have the maximum amount up there as recommended for the climate. But, how about preventing some of that energy from entering your attic in the first place?

That step starts on the other side of your roof...at the shingle side.

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Owens Corning™ Duration® Premium Cool Shingles are Energy Star rated and are designed to reflect the sun's energy back so that the attic stays cooler! Duration Premium cool Shingles meet Energy Star's .25 requirement for initial solar reflectance. In addition, these shingles meet the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) approval. There is more information on the Owens Corning Premium Cool Shingle web site

Besides saving you money by reducing heat build up in your attic, these Cool Shingles are still part of the Duration® family. That means that their patented SureNail® Technology, Limited Lifetime Warranty and 130 mph wind rating still applies. Save money on energy without compromising quality and wind protection!

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Cool roof technology is assisted by the use of lighter colors. Light colors reflect light and dark colors absorb light. Therefore, Duration Premium Cool Shingles are available in four attractive colors. Your home will be more efficient, look better and be protected against wind and rain!

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