Owens Corning Deck Defense - Additional Leak Protection

Wind Blown Rain, Hail and Debris Protection

In our region, your home could use a little extra help when it comes to wind and water protection for your roof. Thats' why MB Roofing leads with Owens Corning's complete line of Top Quality Roofing Materials.

With OC's features like self adhesive strips that hold the front edges of the shingles down and the SureNail technology reinforced nail strip, you can be confident that your shingles will stay put in high winds.

Wind sometimes does not come alone. Uninvited guests like wind blown debris and hail often combine forces with the wind to create a formidable enemy. The impact from wind driven hail or debris can be fierce. Fierce enough to tear off shingles when they collide with your roof. Wind driven rain is like a fire hose. It is forced into the nooks and crannies and looks for places to escape into your attic.

Owens Corning Deck Defense® High Performance Roof Underlayment

As your local Platinum Preferred Contractor, MB Roofing is aware of and trained in the proper installation of Deck Defense. This stuff is designed to resist leaks from missing torn off shingles. In fact, it is tested to withstand 6 months of direct exposure to UV rays, your roof underlayment's worst enemy! Tough enough to be backed by a 30 year warranty. Still want to use felt? I didn't think so!

We are sure you can agree that the extra protection provided by Deck Defense is worth it. Let us stop by and show you the benefits. Our in-home demonstration is free of charge and free of obligation. Make the call. You'll be glad you did!

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