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Top Homeowner Concerns With Roofing Kansas City Area Homes

Hello and welcome to M.B. Roofing, Inc. We have interviewed and serviced hundreds if not thousands of local Kansas City Missouri area homeowners over the years. We believe that having a true understanding of homeowner's concerns and needs is what sets us apart from the competition.

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Understanding Your Kansas City Roofing Fears

If you are like most homeowners, you'll own your home for 20, 30 or more years and never go on your roof. I don't blame you...for a couple of reasons. For one, it's dangerous up there. Surfaces can be steep and slippery. Especially roofs that are several years old and have started to show signs of the surface granules wearing off. Those are the grippy little stones you see embedded in the surface of your shingles.

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Another reason you may not ever go up there is that you probably are not really sure what to look for. It takes specialized training to know about 3-tab, roof jacks, flashings, step flashings and drip edge…just to name a few things you can see from the top. There are several other components that you can't see from the surface as well.

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Top 6 Homeowner Concerns

The top concerns I hear over and over again are:

  • Experience:Does the roofer I am interviewing have the experience required to repair or re-roof my home? A valid question since your roofing Kansas City candidate may have only completed a few roofs as part of a team. They don't have years of experience performing each of the team member's functions. They may not have years of experience estimating roofs and locating leaks and trouble spots. Maybe they have not roofed gables or valleys before. These are all very important experiences, to name a few, that you only get by being in business for as many years as MB has.
  • Insurance: Does the roofer have adequate insurance? By this I mean both General Liability (GL) and Worker's Compensation (WC) insurance. GL will protect you the home owner against mistakes made during the course of your roof project. If a valley is not flashed properly, for example, your home is covered in the event of a massive leak developing and soaking/ruining your furniture, flooring, etc. WC is important because each worker that goes up a ladder and onto your roof or, even while working on the ground on your property could get injured. If the company does not have adequate WC insurance, title to your home is at risk and the potential for financial ruin is definitely a reality.

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  • Reviews and Testimonials: Does the roofer you are interviewing have plenty of references and testimonials from previous successful roofing jobs? Ask to see them! At MB, we are completely up front about them and even post several on our website for you to view.
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  • Permits and License: Will the roofing candidate obtain and cover the cost of getting the appropriate city and/or county permits? This should never be the homeowners responsibility. Also, proper licensing ensures legitimate business status…name, address, tax status, etc. of the roofer.
  • Materials: Does your potential roofer carry the color, style and quality of roofing materials you want on your house? Are they trained, qualified and, in some cases, certified to install or even purchase the materials? As a Platinum Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning, one of the largest and most successful roofing materials manufacturer in the world, I can assure you that many roofers tend to cheat or miss-represent their status to homeowners.
  • Financial Wherewithal: The financial stability of the company you are going to hire is very important. Are they requiring a huge downpayment so that they can buy the materials? That's a danger sign. Did you know if they buy on credit and don't pay the bill the supplier can put a lien on your house? Even if nothing goes wrong with your job, remember, you need the roofer to stay in business in case you have a warranty call in the future. MB Roofing, in business since 1996, maintains a strong credit rating and we pay our bills promptly.

"Chad did an excellent job at presenting the scope and following thru with completing our needs." -The Hayes Family, Southwest Kansas City 64114

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M.B. Roofing is Here to Help!

Whether you are in need of emergency repairs or are in the research phase for a future roofing Kansas City, MB Roofing is here to help. We'll provide a free estimate after inspecting and measuring your roof. Call us at (816) 741-4200 to set up an appointment. There is never any pressure or obligation either.

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