7 Warning Signs
Your Roof Needs Repairs

The roof is an integral part of any home. However, since it’s mostly out of the line of sight, roof damages tend to occur without the homeowner realizing it.


If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll probably be surprised when your roof starts leaking.

Call us when you spot any of these seven warning signs that will let you know that your roof needs repairs immediately:

  • Sagging, swollen ceiling
  • Shingles on the ground
  • Hail damage
  • Visible buckling and cupping
  • Water marks on walls and ceiling
  • Shingle discoloration
  • Premature aging

We can help you repair or replace your roof as needed.
Call for a free roof inspection when you spot these problems so we can come up with solutions for your roof.
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Sagging, Swollen Ceiling

If your ceiling looks swollen like an oversized blister, chances are high that water damage has gotten to your roof. Roof leaks are the most likely cause and if these are not sealed immediately, they can lead to more irreparable damage.


When this happens, you should have the leaks sealed and the ceiling replaced.

Shingles on the Ground

Fallen shingles indicate that parts of your roof are left uncovered and that the adhesive and nails holding them in place are now ineffective.


We can replace these shingles for you and check the overall condition of your other shingles to keep them from coming loose as well.

Hail Damage

Kansas City's weather is generally mild but hail storms are not unheard of. When your roof sustains hail storm damage, you need to call professional roofers to confirm this for your home insurance claim.


We do a lot of insurance work here at MB Roofing and we'll be glad to fix your roof for you and assist you in your claim process.

Visible Buckling and Cupping

Changing temperatures can cause shingles to contract and expand so fast that they suffer from thermal shock. This can result in buckling and cupping, creating spaces underneath the shingles where water can seep in. We can reseal these gaps for you or replace these buckling shingles.


We can also replace your roof using techniques that will prevent further drastic effects of thermal shock.

Water Marks on Ceiling and Walls

When your ceiling is exposed to roof leaks for a prolonged period, the water will start to stain surfaces. These unsightly marks can stain your ceiling and walls if the water from the roof leaks drips down.


When you spot this sign, it's best to call professional roofers. You don't want a damaged roof and rotted drywall to boot.

Shingle Discoloration

This sign of roof damage can take a lot of forms, particularly, fading and streaking. If your shingles are faded, it's a clear sign that they cannot protect your home from radiant heat and UV rays anymore. Streaking and patches of green, black, or red on your roof indicate the presence of algae which can speed up rot.


We can help you replace these faded shingles or clean and protect your roof from algae growth.

Premature Aging

Signs of roof aging include weathered shingles, weakened roof decks and more leaks. While these are to be expected, experiencing them early points to premature aging. Faulty installation and subpar materials can cause your roof to fail early.


If you suspect premature aging occurring on your roof, call us today for a free inspection. We can check your roof for free and help you identify the probable causes.


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