Roof Repair for Increased
Home Resale Value

You can remodel your home as much as you want, but if your roof is clearly missing a few shingles or is in disrepair, your house will still look unkempt.


If you’re trying to sell, a roof that’s falling to pieces will turn buyers off. If you’re not in the market for a new roof, consider a few roof repair projects for your home.

With over 16 years in the roofing business, MB Roofing can provide you with the services you need to fix your roof and get your home ready for selling.

Our roofers are expertly trained and can provide you with the following services:

  • Roof Cleaning and Repair
  • Shingle Repair and Replacement
  • Gutter and Flashing Repair

We can get your roof in good working condition without you having to spend as much.
With a few repairs, your roof will look good as new, which is always a great way to increase curb appeal.
For more information on what can do for your roof, call (816) 741-4200.

Roof Cleaning and Repair

While not technically a repair, cleaning your roof to get rid of molds, moss, and grime will go a long way in making your roof look good and new. Many homeowners attempt to do this themselves, but this is a tricky process that can lead to more damage.


For example, power washing, a popular homeowner trick, is not appropriate for asphalt shingle roofs since it can dislodge granules. Roofs may also be too soft to walk on. To avoid these problems and the possibility of further damage, it’s better to hire professional roofers to handle this task.

Shingle Repair and Replacement

If your roof looks like a jigsaw puzzle with a few missing patches visible from the curb, replacing the shingles is a must. However, if your roof is old, you may not be able to find the same exact shade or make.


If your roof is 15 years old or older, the shingles may have also started to curl, blister or crack. Our roofers can check and inspect your roof to determine the best course of action. MB Roofing is a Platinum Preferred Contractor of Owens Corning roofing materials; you can be sure our roofers are trained in the best practices.

Gutter and Flashing Repair

If you have a light-colored roof, rusted flashing can visibly stand out, even from down the street. Our roofers can replace rusted flashings and fix any uncovered leaks. Installing new flashing for your home will improve the look of your roof and dispel the impression of disrepair.


Our skilled roofers can also clean your gutters and replace rusty and rotted ones. Downspouts will also be checked since these are the most visible from the ground.

These three repairs are just some of the most common repairs your roof might need to increase curb appeal.


However, in case your roofer determines that the damage to your roof is so extensive that a repair job will not suffice, don’t hesitate to discuss replacement. As one of the most established Kansas City roofing companies, we’ll be happy to help.