Working with Kansas City Roofing Contractors

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Hiring a roofing contractor in Kansas City is easy given the number of companies in the area.

However, would you really trust your home and your investment to just anyone? As one of Kansas City's most trusted roofing companies, we understand that hiring a roofer is a big decision that can cost homeowners a lot if they are not careful.

As such, we encourage homeowners to do the following before hiring a Kansas City roofing contractor:

  • Get bids and estimates from different roofers.
  • Go over detailed project proposals.
  • Interview contractors.

These measures can help you find a roofing contractor that's well-suited to your project.

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We give each of our clients the following prior to starting any project to ensure that everything is in order:

Project Bid and Estimate

We give our prospective clients our proposal in writing. Prior to this, we do a free, onsite inspection of your roof for an accurate view of its condition and a detailed project proposal. We also give the prices and services in writing to make it easier for you to compare them with others.

An Interview Appointment

Getting your roof done means trusting a stranger to work on your property. We want to make you feel comfortable about having our team in your home. Ask your questions; show us your ideas. We will answer your questions thoroughly and offer alternatives to your ideas when necessary.

A Contract

From costing, manpower, and duration of the project to warranties, workers' insurance and compensation, we will include all necessary and relevant information about the project in a written contract to protect you from liabilities and future costs.


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