5 Secrets Only Good Kansas City Roofing Contractors Will Tell You

While there are many roofing companies in Kansas City, only the truly good and professional ones will share with you industry secrets that will help you in your roofing project.


As one of Kansas City's top roofers, we know that these secrets will give you better-value roofing services:

  • Homeowners can request multiple quotes from the same roofer.
  • You can ask multiple roofers for quotes;
    we even encourage it.
  • There are two types of warranties:
    service and materials.
  • No job can begin without a contract.
  • You can ask your roofer to recycle your old roof.

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Multiple Quote Requests

Many homeowners think that they can only get one quote per contractor. While a single quote is standard procedure, you can ask your roofing contractor for multiple ones.


This is especially helpful if you're considering different variables for your project, like a different material or another type of service. If you want to see the difference in cost between using a three-tab shingle or a laminated one, you can ask your roofer for estimates using each material.

Estimates from Different Roofers

Truly professional roofers will not force or pressure you into making a decision instantly. We understand that a new roof, or even repairs, can be a big investment in this tough economy.


We welcome and even encourage you to seek estimates from other roofers so you have a variety of options. This way, you can make an informed decision on whom to hire.

Service and Materials Warranties

Many roofers boast of giving warranties. What most homeowners don't know is that there are two types of warranties: service and materials.


What many roofers offer or boast of are material warranties given not by the contractor, but by the roofing manufacturer. Truly professional roofers will offer you a service warranty as well, to safeguard the quality of their work.

Contract is Necessary

Regardless of how small a roofing project is, a contract is necessary. Many unscrupulous roofers will try to convince you that you don't need a contract for a small job, but don't be fooled.


Contracts are as much to protect you as well as your contractor. If a contractor is unwilling to give you this protection, you're better off working with another.


At MB Roofing, we insist on signing a contract before any project begins. You can even ask one of our roofers for a sample of our standard contract so you can review our basic terms.

Request for Recycling

Many homeowners are wary about how their discarded roofing materials are disposed of. Professional and eco-friendly roofing contractors do as much as they can to help in reducing landfill waste.

We participate in asphalt shingle recycling programs like that facilitated by Owens Corning, one of the US's prime asphalt shingle producers.

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