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MB Roofing Kansas City:

With hundreds of satisfied clients in our 20 years of experience in Kansas City roofing, MB Roofing will:

  • Inspect your roof for free to confirm cause and extent of damage
  • Provide you with an estimate to compare with your claims adjuster
  • Be present during your adjuster’s visit to discuss details of repairs

MB Roofing serves Home Owners directly and/or we will work directly with your insurance agent and claims adjuster!

It can be hard to get insurance claims for roof repairs approved given the amount of paperwork needed and the restricting conditions. In fact, these restricting conditions can invalidate your claim and force you to pay for roof repairs out-of-pocket.

Generally, these conditions are variations of the fact that if your roof is not properly maintained, the insurance company will reject your claim. This is where MB Roofing can help.

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For more information on how we can best assist you when filing your claim, call us and talk to one of our expert roofers.


When filing insurance claims for roof repairs, it’s important to maintain your property as best as you can, protect your property from further damage, and file your claim immediately.

Immediate Roof Repairs

Home insurance providers favor claims from homeowners who took immediate action regarding their damaged roofs.

This way, insurance providers ensure that the homeowners are not taking advantage of their policies, but are actually doing the best they can to reduce property damage. Quick tarping of damaged roofs to help prevent leaks and photographing/documenting damaged property is essential to the process.

Maintaining Your Property

Proper roof maintenance can go a long way in getting your claims approved. It keeps your home from losing value and helps the insurance company see that you do everything you can to avoid damaging your property.

Our roofers can provide the following services:

  • Regular bi-annual inspections
  • Leak repairs
  • Gutter and roof cleaning

MB Kansas City Roofing is a Platinum Preferred Contractor with the Owens Corning Company. Find out more about their program here..

Filing Claims ASAP

Talk to your insurance provider as soon as you notice the damage. The faster you act, the quicker the response of the insurance company will be.

When you file for your claim, gather the following paperwork to facilitate the process:

  • Your policy — The claims department of your insurance company will ask for your policy number and the address of the property in question. Have these documents handy when you call.
  • Damage documentation — We can take photos of the damage on your roof when we do the inspection. You can send the files through email or show them to the adjuster when he visits.
  • Professional roofer estimates — These estimates will come in handy when you negotiate with the claims adjuster regarding the cost of the roofing job. We can provide you with an accurate estimate, but we also encourage you to ask for quotes from other roofers as well.

We will do all we can to help get your claims approved.
For more information on how we can facilitate insurance work for your Kansas City roofing project, dial (816) 741-4200.
Our expert roofers can answer your questions. And while you’re at it, you can also schedule your free, no-risk, no-obligation roof estimate.