GAF Liberty Membrane Roofing System

For Low Slope Roofs

Roofs get a lot of their water shedding ability by...just being steep! If you don't give water any time up on your roof, it will not leak. The water runs off of steep roofs very quickly making leaks on steep roofs rare.

But, reduce the pitch and watch out! Pooled water or slow draining roofs are where you get nasty leaks that tend to cause a lot of interior damage. A low slope roof, typically a pitch of 2/12(2' of rise over 12 feet of roof run length) or 1/12 or less. This pitch is common when you get to some porches and some one story additions where the star of the room could not be as high as the roof ridge.

There is more than one way to roof a low pitch roof. A torch down method is pretty popular but, the GAF Liberty system goes on quicker and safer because is it self adhering. No kettle or torch needed!

  • Safer! - No kettles, torches, dangerous chemicals
  • Quicker! - 1/3 Faster install over conventional, Minimal set-up and clean-up
  • Fewer Tools! - No expensive special tools or equipment
  • Proven Technology - Based on GAF's Ruberoid Technology. SBS Modified Bitumen Membrane

With 7 popular colors to choose from, you're sure to find a close match to your existing roof!

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