Residential roofing is a competitive business, to be sure. So why should you choose the experts at M.B. Roofing, Inc., as your full-service residential roofing contractor? How about unmatched service, the best materials and affordable pricing on any job in the greater Kansas City area?

Might you find a lower-cost residential roofing contractor than us in the area? Sure, you might. But we don't cut corners. All of our contractors are fully licensed and insured and have been fully trained on any type of roofing system. In addition, high-quality materials are the only answer to providing quality protection of your roof while also keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

To use materials that aren't top of the line would be a disservice to you and will cost you more money down the road. Last but not least, we bring in a quality control inspector on every job to make sure it meets your standards and ours.

And when we say full-service residential roofing contractor, we mean full service. We can install, repair or replace every type of shingles, slate, tile and wood on the market, as well as any metal or rubber roof systems. If you need gutters or flashing repaired or replaced, no problem.

We also promise honesty when you hire us. We are your neighbors in this community, and we treat you like one. When we give you a free estimate on a job, that's what you will pay, not a dime more. If we find something additional that we overlooked, that's on us. Your residential roofing job will be done right, on time and on budget.

Roofs need a lot of upkeep, because if they are not well-maintained, you are looking at major problems on what is likely your biggest personal investment — your home. Flat roofs, low-sloped roofs and pitched roofs all present different challenges and potential issues. That's why we recommend a yearly maintenance check on your residential roofing system. This minimal annual cost could save you thousands down the line. If you have had some storm damage or notice a leak, call us right away and we often can be on site the same day.

Is it time for a new roof on your existing home or are you building a new one? We can fill you in on all the technological advances in residential roofing systems. For example, low-cost shingles now can approximate the appearance of other, more expensive roofing materials such as slate or wood shakes. Or maybe you are very environmentally conscious and want to convert your roof to a green roof or add solar shingles?

We can work with you from the start in determining which roof choice is best for your home on a certain budget, or we can simply be the guys who come in and do a low-cost installation for you if you already have what you ordered on the way. Even if you are a handy person in your own right and need a hand for a few hours, we are happy to help. And with the size of our staff, we can turnaround jobs quickly so your life is disrupted as little as possible.

Remember, too, that by hiring us as your residential roofing contractor, we'll take care of any delivery or disposal of items — that's one less thing for you to worry about.

Call the residential roofing experts at M.B. Roofing, Inc., today at 816-741-4200 for any questions. No job is too big or too small for our company, but all get the same professionalism and guarantee of service and quality materials.


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