Fix Kansas City Roofs and Lower Insurance Premiums with these Tips

Home insurance policies aren’t cheap, especially if they also cover your roof. As homeowners, you know how difficult it can be to meet insurance premium payments. But did you know that there are roofing services that can help lower premiums and fix your roof as well?


As one of the more established roofers in Kansas City, these services we offer can make insurance payments easier for you:

  • Upgrading or replacing roof covering
  • Reinforced roof decking
  • Improved roofing angle
  • Changing your roof design
  • Tornado-proofing your roof structure

Insurers take a well-maintained roof as a sign of good faith from their clients.

The better the condition of your roof, the more likely it is that they can offer discounts that could lower your insurance premiums.

roofer-kansas-city image

In essence: The more damage-resistant your roof becomes, the lower your premiums are.

For more information about our roof repair services and how they can affect your insurance payments, feel free to call us at (816) 741-4200. Our expert roofers will be happy to answer your questions.

Roof Covering Upgrade

The condition of your roof covering can affect the resistance of your roof to damages. Since a newer roof resists damages better, it also rates lower premiums. If your asphalt roof is old and worn out, consider overlaying or a complete tear off. You can ask our expert roofers for their recommendations regarding the best tack to take on your roof.

Roof Deck Reinforcement

A solid roof deck increases the impact resistance of your roof. Our expert roofers can further strengthen your deck with construction techniques designed to accomplish the goal. With improved resistance, your roof may rate lower insurance costs.

Roofing Angle Improvement

If you are up to having your entire roof redone, our roofers can angle your roof better for increased resistance to hail and wind-borne damage. A 45-degree angle roof resists battering hail better than one with a steeper angle. The angle helps deflect and lower the strength of hail.

Roof Design Change

Some roof styles withstand hurricanes and strong winds better than others. If you are up for a reroofing, our expert roofers recommend a hipped roof since it’s less prone to being lifted and blown off.

Roof Reinforcement

Kansas City sees it share of storms and tornadoes, so it helps if your roof is equipped to deal with them. Our roofers can advise you on how to help your roof withstand these disturbances better. Opt for high wind resistance roof shingles to reduce risks of being blown off.

Spending a little bit more on your asphalt shingles can lower your insurance payments for years to come. Not all policies are the same, just as no two roofs are exactly alike. Talk to your insurance provider about your coverage and ask if there is any roofing restriction.

Our free roofing inspection will let you know exactly what services will fix your roof and allow you to rate a lower insurance premium. Some of our best work includes insurance-funded roofing projects, so your home is in good hands. Call us today to schedule your free inspection or to consult with one of our expert roofers.