Homeowners’ FAQs on Roofing Damage

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For many Kansas City homeowners, roof damage is almost a given due to the local climate.
The hot and humid climate can do a number on local roofs in addition to the occasional storms.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from homeowners in the area and our answers:

How can I recognize problems on my roofing system?

More often than not, most homeowners only realize that they have roofing problems when their roof is already leaking or has unsightly water stains. Some of the most obvious signs of damage are loose granules, chips and cracks on shingles, and corrosion on flashings.

We advise calling for a bi-annual or seasonal inspection of roofing systems to uncover potential problems like deteriorating flashings, loose or missing shingles, peeling paint, and water stains among others. Dial (816) 741-4200 to schedule a free roofing inspection with us.

Is reroofing my only option when it comes to roof damage?

Depending on the result of our estimate inspection, we may recommend up to two options for you to consider. If your roof’s internal structure or roof deck is still in good shape, we recommend overlaying, which is cheaper because you won’t have to pay for the removal and disposal of old roof layers.

However, if your roof deck is weakened, we suggest a full replacement. In some cases, minor repairs are enough to get a roof in top shape. You can also ask other roofing companies in Kansas City for a second opinion.

Do I need to replace a leaky roof immediately?

Have your roof inspected thoroughly by at least three or more professional Kansas City roofing contractors before deciding on a replacement. Leaks may be caused a deteriorating flashing or some missing shingles.

These can be repaired without taking down your entire roof. However, if the damage is more than superficial or if the cause of leaks is a roof system failure, contractors may advise you to go for a full roof replacement.

How long will my new roof last?

Most asphalt roof systems are designed to be useful and last for up to 20 to 50 years. However, the longevity of your roof actually depends not only on the expertise of the installer and the quality of materials but also on environmental factors.

The local climate can contribute to how long your roof will last. However, if you are concerned about premature roof failure, we offer a service warranty with each of our projects. For more information about our service warranty, give us call.

How much will my new roof cost?

Roof jobs are rarely cheap but we will not give you an estimate without doing an onsite inspection first. We’ll also give you a printed copy of our bid so you can compare it with others more thoroughly.

The price for asphalt roofs vary depending on the size of the roof, the scope of the work and the type of shingles to be used. Even the local climate and the location of your home can contribute to the cost.

If you have more questions or want to clarify points discussed in this FAQ section, we encourage you to call. As one of the most established roofing companies in Kansas City, our expert roofers can give you the answers you need.