3 Benefits of Working with Roofing Contractors in Kansas City

Roofs form your home’s first line of defense against the elements. However, what most homeowners do not realize is that roof damage can come from within the roof itself.

Unprofessional and DIY installation or roof repair can lead to more damage and expensive repairs. Keep your roof sound with professional roof repair projects. Our expert roofers are more than a match for these repairs.

With over 16 years of experience in repairing and replacing asphalt shingle roofs, we can:

  • Ensure that manufacturer instructions are followed in installing your roof
  • Help you choose the best quality materials for your roofing structure
  • Oversee and manage your roofing project to guarantee quality service

Our roofers can assess your roof for damage and inspect it thoroughly to uncover possible problems in the future.
We can also give you a free estimate of how much time and money your roof repair projects may cost.
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Expert Installation

If there is one thing you should invest time on, it’s taking the time to choose the roofing contractor that can repair your roof competently.


Most roofing jobs take time to complete, so do not sacrifice high quality for the promise of early completion. Shortcuts in the process only weaken your roof and make you pay for more repairs or replacements later on.


Our roofers are highly trained and specialize in the repair and replacement of asphalt shingle roofs. In fact, we have been recently awarded a Platinum Preferred Contractor status from roofing giant Owens Corning. If you want guaranteed expert installation, you cannot go wrong with MB Roofing’s roofers.

High Quality Roofing Materials

There are unscrupulous contractors who would not cut corners in the work itself, but will shortchange you by getting low quality materials.


At MB Roofing, we take pride in working with the best quality roofing materials. We recommend Owens Corning asphalt shingles to our clients because of the brand’s extensive variety and high quality roofing systems. Bonus: If you’re for recycling, Owens Corning has a shingle recycling program that we participate in.


Want to discuss shingle options suitable for Kansas City homes? Call us today to talk to one of our expert roofers for advice and information.

Quality Control and Management

Having a roofing contractor is not enough. We will provide you with an on-site project manager and an office-based production manager. These managers will ensure that your roof project is going smoothly with the most convenience to you.

They will also keep you updated about the project’s progress so you’re kept in the loop.

Feel free to call us today for your free, no-obligation assessment.
We can help you make your roof repair projects a success.